• 4k display
  • Great viewing angles due to the IPS display
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cheap compared to other 4k displays


  • No internal speakers
  • No USB-C input
  • No USB ports on the back of the monitor

The 27UD68-W is a 27 inch 4k monitor by LG. This monitor also features an IPS display which means it has great viewing angles and you can have people all around the monitor and the picture won’t much different from if your were in the middle.ย The monitor also boasts over 99% sRGB coverage which is great if you plan on doing photo editing work or graphic design since you will get very accurate colors. Since I do photography this is a great thing for when I am editing my photos. As a side note not all computers will be powerful enough to power the monitor at its full 3840×2160 resolution like my laptop.


Assembly of the monitor is very easy and doesn’t take very long. LG includes a high-speed HDMI cable and DisplayPort cable so you can connect to your computer right when you get it set up so you don’t have to go search for one somewhere around the house or go to the store.

The Connections

The back of the monitor is very simple and easy to understand. It features three inputs so you can connect up to 3 devices to it at a time. I currently have my mid-2012 MacBook Pro and Apple TV 4 hooked up to its two HDMI ports but there is also a single DisplayPort connection along with the HDMI ports. One thing to note that wasn’t an issue for me is that there is no VGA or DVI input which may be a problem for older laptops. Then if you have a new laptop with USB-C connection you will need an adapter since there is no USB-C upstream connection. Something I wish LG added to this monitor are USB ports on the back to connect accessories such as a webcam or hard drive without having to directly plug it into your computer. Finally, there is a VESA mount if you want to mount the monitor to your wall.

  • One DisplayPort input
  • Two HDMI inputs


The monitor itself looks very good on my desk. The stand of the monitor is made out of plastic but looks like it’s made of metal. The back of the monitor is also a glossy white plastic that goes well with the silver base. The monitor also has very thin bezels which is good if you want to put a second monitor next to it. The monitor does feature tilt adjustment but there is no height adjustment unless you mount it to the wall. Another thing I noticed is that if you shake the monitor the screen wobbles a little.


If you’re looking for your monitor to come with internal speakers I can tell you that the LG 27UD68 does not come with internal speakers. So, I personally use an Insignia soundbar with my laptop for audio. If you are looking for a monitor with built in speakers so you don’t need to use external ones to save space on your desk I would recommend that you keep looking for another monitor that does have internal speakers like the LG 38UC99.

Split Screen 2.0

One thing I really like about this monitor is that it comes with LG’s Screen Split 2.0 software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can use this to divide your screen into multiple different windows while you’re working so you can get the most out of the monitor’s large screen size. I personally enjoy using it when I’m writing a report since I can have my writing on the left and my research on the right. I can then see both windows at the same time without having to keep switching tabs which can help you get your work done more efficiently.

On Screen Controls

The controls on this monitor are very simple to navigate thanks to LG’s joystick located at the bottom of the monitor. You can use the joystick to change the input, volume, brightness and picture mode. In picture mode you can choose from choices such as Reader, Photo or FPS Game 1.


I don’t do gaming on my computer so I can not talk about the gaming features of the monitor like FreeSync, but I do know that LG tried to make the monitor decent for gaming with a five millisecond response time and FreeSync technology to help prevent screen tearing. There are also some game modes if you’re playing games on the monitor that you can use.

If you have any questions about the LG 27UD68-W leave them in the comments below and I will try to answer them. Also, don’t forget to let me know if you found this helpful or plan on buying this monitor in the future.