• Very durable
  • Has a weighted knot
  • Comes in both lightning and micro USB


  • Can be hard to manage
  • Slides a little when you put it down

The Native Union NIGHT Cable is a cable to charge your phone that is meant to solve the problem we’ve all had with the standard Apple Lighting cables, they break and start to fray after a while. They are also really short and get tangled easily.

So in comes the NIGHT Cable from Native Union, it is a braided cable to charge your phone that is very durable and I have yet to see any fraying or signs of it breaking. Since it is braided and so durable it never tangles so there is no more trying to untangle cables for a long time.

The cable is also 10 feet so you can reach anywhere you want no mater how far the outlet is usually. Sometimes I did find its length to be annoying though since it is so long it is hard to manage and keep it tidy.

Finally, the biggest feature…the weighted knot. The weighted knot is meant to be used to keep your cable from falling of your nightstand or table when you take your phone off the charger. By the way if you don’t want the knot so close to the charger you can actually slide the knot farther down the cable till it’s perfect. I did notice that it does slide a little when you set it down but its not that big of a problem.

My cable is the zebra color option but it does also come in four other colors. Currently the NIGHT Cable is on sale for $39.99 on Native Union’s website.

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