• Many connection options
  • Bluetooth
  • Small
  • Remote


  • Has to be plugged in to an outlet
  • No optical cable included

The Mini Insignia Soundbar is currently my speaker of choice for my setup at home. I use it with my laptop and Apple TV and so far I have not had many problems. It fits nicely on my desk thanks to its small size. The speaker is only 12.6 inches long. The speaker has many options for connection which is great. It also includes a remote which is great if you want to mute the speaker or change the volume really quick. The remote would make more sense if you are using it with a tv instead of having it right on your desk but its still nice to have.


You will probably have no problems with connecting the Mini Insignia Soundbar to your setup. The speaker features three input choices. It has optical, RCA and bluetooth. Also if you want to connect to the speaker via a 3.5mm headphone jack your can do so with the included 3.5mm headphone jack to RCA adapter. Currently I use the adapter to connect my laptop to the soundbar and use bluetooth for my Apple TV. I would have liked to see Insignia to include an optical cable in the box like the adapter and RCA cable that was included. To me it wasn’t a very big issue because I am not using an optical input yet so it has been fine so far. Something else that would be really good would be just a 3.5mm input that you can use to just connect to your phone without using the adapter. You could use bluetooth instead for your phone as one of the inputs though. Bluetooth is great because you can connect your phone of other device without using any cables. Its important to know that this is not a bluetooth speaker that I would carry around to a party or event because it needs to be plugged into an outlet while you use it.


To me the sound quality from the mini soundbar is decent it is good for all the things I use it for now like watching YouTube and Netflix. I have tried it with our tv and it was an improvement over the built in speakers. The soundbar does get surprisingly loud but not so loud I would use it at a big party.

So should you buy this speaker? It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a speaker that you can use on your desk for casual use like watching videos and average day to day things, sure get this soundbar. It is small and compact and has many connections. It also has bluetooth if you want to connect it to your phone every once in a while. If you don’t plan on moving the speaker around and bringing it with you its a good option. On the other hand if you want a speaker you can bring to peoples parties or carry around with you wherever you go this is definitely not the speaker you should get. With the speaker you constantly need to be plugged into an outlet. This really limits where you can take this speaker. If you are looking for a portable bluetooth speaker you should keep looking because this speaker will not suite your needs. You can buy the speaker on BestBuy for around $49.99 right now.

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