Have you ever wanted to practice for a presentation at home? Have you ever wanted to show your family or friends a presentation on the big screen?

If you have, I am here to show you how. It’s just like connecting your computer to a big monitor.

If your using a laptop, here are the steps:

  1. Look for an HDMI port on your laptop
  2. Look for an HDMI port on your TV
  3. Find an HDMI cable and connect your laptop to your TV
  4. Switch the input of your TV to the correct HDMI port

Once you’re done, you can watch your laptop appear on the TV.  Now, it is time for you to open your presentation. You can then use your laptop to change the slides and go through the presentation.

This is great if you want to practice your school presentation at home. It’s on a big screen that’s similar to presenting at school. You can also have a friend over and practice with them if they’re your partner.