• Built in card reader
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatible
  • Good build quality
  • Status light
  • 12 inch long cable


  • Cannot read multiple cards at once.

The Sabrent USB hub is what I have connected to my laptop all the time. To me this is a great USB hub it provides you with 3 extra USB ports along with a built in card reader. The main reason I bought this card reader compared to other ones is the fact that it has a built in card reader. It also has some other cool features like a light that shows you if the hub is on or not.

Card Reader

The built in card reader of the Sabrent USB hub supports three kinds of card formats SD, micro SD and CF. Most cameras use the standard SD, which is also what I use the most. Even though I mostly us SD cards I like having the freedom to be able to read cards like micro SD in case in the future I get a camera that uses it. To be honest I actually end up using the card reader more than the USB ports themselves because I enjoy photography and I have to transfer my photos back onto my computer.


I am definitely a fan of the design of this USB hub since it matches my Macbook Pro’s silver metal design. That leads me to the point that the whole front of this is metal which means its pretty sturdy. The bottom is rubberized which means that it won’t slide or move around your desk. Overall I really like the design other than that the USB ports are upside down which I don’t like.

Should you get this? I would say that if you are a Mac user and always feel like your running out of USB ports or are a photographer who constantly uses SD cards then you should go ahead and get this USB hub. It is specially designed for Mac and matches well with the silver MacBook Pros. If you do use windows but are still a photographer or want more USB ports you can get this too since it will still work fine.

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